Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why Android Market works only with devices with cell/data services

Ha, I was right:

Android can use the IMSI of the subscriber for licensing and copy protection – to verify a user to a purchase. Though it says another way is verifying the user by google account, a single account can be used across multiple devices simultaneously, which is no good for copy protection and license control.

It’s a perfect control because the IMSI can only be in use by one device at a time. i.e., you could move your SIM card from one android device to another android device but the card cannot be in two devices simultaneously, and the guidelines state you can ask your app to verify the IMSI on app startup.

That is why you need a cell service to have Android Market on your Android tablet.
OK, they could have Market on a device without a IMSI, but a lot of apps would not install and complain there is no IMSI to tie the license to.

Source: Android Developers page

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ALMS Laguna Seca race report

It was a pretty good race, up until the oil filter failed on the leading car. Incredible

Pretty good read here

Indy 500 on the come back?

I was at Laguna Seca so I have a valid excuse for not watching the pole and bump day, but seems it was worth watching, with Danica getting booed and Paul Tracy and another guy struggling for speed and missing the show after making bonehead strategy calls, (withdrawing their times). I think her teammate Kanaan crashed twice trying to get up to speed so maybe Danica’s points were valid, if only she should have kept them private. And Milka I-duno-what-I-am-doing fails to qualify, too, so maybe the brickyard should earn our respect again?

That said the race will probably be a total let down with a Penske/Helio runaway